Diigo: Create New Content With Ease

The value of content increases as it passes through the process of aggregation, curation and creation. Content aggregation is automated with tools like Feedly and content curation is involves a little more manual effort as you are required to digest the content and select those that you deemed to be valuable. Among the three processes, […]

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Getting Started with My PLN

I had great fun and many eureka moments reflecting about social network and communities over the last two weeks. Restarted my Twitter account, started a Linkedin profile and a blog on WordPress to track my learning journey through this module. I have decided to work on building a Personal Learning Network (PLN) after some discussion […]

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Snapchat and Learning. Really?

“Snapchat is for kids with short attention span. Not for adults doing a graduate programme. Period.” That was literally my first response when i read that one of the tools that we will be exploring this week is Snapchat. C’mon, how do you learn with an image or video that expires after 10 secs and […]

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The Rise of the “Third Space”

I spoke about the dearth of third spaces with the advent of Web 2.0 platforms in my post titled “The Demise of the Third Space“. Here, I will share some reasons why e-commerce giants are eagerly creating third spaces (after tearing them down)  by opening up brick-and-mortar stores. As I have mentioned in my other […]

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The Demise of the “Third Place”

The “third place” was coined by Ray Oldenburg, author of The Great Good Place to describe any environment outside of the home and the workplace. The third place was where people gather for deeper interpersonal connection. It was where communities flourished. Third places include marketplaces, bookstores, malls, community centres and place of worship. Oldenburg content that third […]

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