Gathering Feedback the Fun Easy Way

As instructional designers, we know that the job never ends with the presentation of content or assessment. Feedback from the students about the lesson and what are their key takeaways are just as important, if not more. So what are some ways to gather feedback in class with ease?


Yesterday, i shared a post on how Kahoot! can be used to create fun and adrenaline-filled quizzes in class. Kahoot! also allows you to create discussion and survey which are able to serve that purpose. By creating a discussion, a open-ended question will be shown and students can simply respond to it via their mobile devices, and their responses will be displayed in real-time on the dashboard. This function is useful if you want to know what your students’ key take-aways are at the end of a class. Other students are also able to see what their classmates have learned which serves to reinforce learning and as a form of summary.

Screen Shot 2017-08-01 at 6.48.01 PM

Poll Everywhere

I am not sure if Kahoot! looks too K12 to you but it may not look very professional or appropriate in some corporate settings due to its use of colours, symbols and the playful layout. For those of you who require a feedback tool in your workplace and find Kahoot! too childish, try Poll Everywhere. Poll Everyone collects responses through SMS text and does not require logging in or downloading or any app. Similar to Kahoot, responses are updated and presented live on the dashboard for immediate feedback. Poll Everywhere also allows you to create open-ended question to spark off discussion. One feature which i like particularly is the word cloud feature. This is a good tool to know what your students know about a certain topic before class and at the end of it. It also helps you to get a quick visual snapshot of ideas and words that your students have associated with concerning the lesson.

Screen Shot 2017-08-01 at 10.04.05 PM


AnswerGarden is a stripped down version of Poll Everywhere. It does not require you to have an account and it fully web hosted. You simply create a poll, send your audience the link and they will be able to input their response and see ther results. However, do not that it only has word cloud function. So if word cloud is all you want to do, AnswerGarden is a decent choice.


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