Creating Online Lessons with Edmodo

I must say that i am pretty impressed by Edmodo’s simple interface, slew of functionalities and ability to integrate with other online tools. I took me approximately 2 hours to create a simple five part lessons on plants. Let me share three things that i like about Edmodo after my two-hour hands-on session with it.

Parental Involvement

To join a class, students are required to enter one of their parent’s mobile number. A text message is sent to notify the parent once the student has joined the class or completed an activity. Not only does Edmodo provides a decent level of accountability, this platform also provides a great amount of transparency. Parents are also able to log in to view their child’s progress in the course at their convenience.

Sharing of Resources

Edmodo allows you to share videos from Youtube, documents from your desktop, google drive and links on the web easily. Simply create a note, put in any description or instruction with desired attachment.

One thing that i really like is the ability to employ other online tools such as Quizlet, Padlet and Diigo to augment certain gaps in Edmodo. For instance, since Edmodo does not allow me to create flashcards, i am able to share the link of a set of flashcards created using Quizlet on Edmodo easily. Instead of simply sharing articles, i can load them from my Diigo so that students are able to carry out collaborative reading which Edmodo does not support.

Assessment and Feedback

While Edmodo’s built-in quiz platform is not as fanciful as that provided by Quizlet, it is really self-sufficient in my opinion. It allows you to create anything from multiple choice questions to matching exercises. These are some stuff that the free Quizlet account cannot provide you with. Once a student completes a quiz, the score is shown and the student is able to go through what the correct answer is. As a teacher, you are able to provide personalized comments to every single question that a student has attempted! In addition, you get the pretty standard analytics dashboard showing you how many students got a certain question wrong, which option did most of them chose, etc. Pretty robust tools for a free account i would say.




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