Powtoon is a Power-Packed Presentation Tool!

After watching an instructional video created by my classmate on Powtoon, i decided to try it out. I have never heard of Powtoon before and after googling for it, i realized that it is one of the many other alternative presentation tools out there that you can use to replace powerpoint or keynote all together! Having used powerpoint and keynote since high school, Powtoon is definitely a fresh breath of air!

To have some content to try out the various functions and to experience first-hand how user-friendly the tool is, i converted a small portion of my assignment on Voicethread onto Powtoon for a better comparison. You can take a look at my Voicethread sharing first and compare it with the Powtoon i created using the first five slides.


As you can see, Powtoon is a pretty cool presentation tool to use if you want to wow your audience. The only issue i had with it is that it lags badly on the browser. I have no idea why but things are just responding really slowly and it loads slow too. I am quite sure it’s not about my computer because it’s a 6 months old Macbook Pro. Other than that slow and frustrating experience, i think Powtoon is packed with lots of amazing animations and transitions to create a very engaging presentation!


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