Poor visual literacy? Use Adobe Spark

Let’s be honest, not everyone has a strong sense of visual literacy. To have a keen appreciation of contrast, alignment, repetition, proximity, type, depth, shape, colour, space, etc, requires alot of practice and experience. Visual literacy is highly subjective like any other art forms. Sometimes, it is hard to know what you are looking for […]

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Creating Online Lessons with Edmodo

I must say that i am pretty impressed by Edmodo’s simple interface, slew of functionalities and ability to integrate with other online tools. I took me approximately 2 hours to create a simple five part lessons on plants. Let me share three things that i like about Edmodo after my two-hour hands-on session with it. Parental […]

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Gathering Feedback the Fun Easy Way

As instructional designers, we know that the job never ends with the presentation of content or assessment. Feedback from the students about the lesson and what are their key takeaways are just as important, if not more. So what are some ways to gather feedback in class with ease? Kahoot! Yesterday, i shared a post on […]

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I came across Quizlet last week and found it to be a very useful tool for online instruction. For instance, after getting your students to go through a certain collection of online materials, you can create interactive quizzes as formative assessments to scaffold their learning. Now, if you are doing a face-to-face class, Quizlet would […]

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Learning Live on Periscope

Periscope is a live streaming video mobile app purchased by Twitter in February of 2015, has been the talk of the town since its official launch on March 26, 2015. If you want to know more about its functionalities and get familiar with its interface, check out this pretty exhaustive periscope guide. Warning, it is more […]

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Quiz Time!

This is another amazing tool i found while preparing for my produsage assignment. This tool makes creating quiz really easy and allows you to gamify them easily as well. Let me do a quick introduction and walkthrough on what Quizlet can do. Getting Started To get started, simply identify a subject and the words that […]

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Produsers. Who are they?

With my produsage assignment due date coming up, i decided to do some research on this rather strange looking and sounding concept to me. More importantly, i wanted to know how does prousage “look” like amidst of all the information of what it is as a concept. Firstly, the term “produser” was coined by Bruns […]

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My Bumpy Start with Storify

I spent my whole afternoon toying with Storify after hearing alot about it. Let me share my initial experience with it and you can consider if it is something for you. Firstly, if you know nothing about Storify as a curation tool, just check out this video below. It is a good introduction to some […]

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